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Skyshare App is a Forum Browser for the private Skyshare European Association.
It allows existing subscribers of the Skyshare Europe Association forum to access the site using a dedicated iOS interface rather than a web browser.
Universal version. User inteface dedicated to iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad SplitView.
Skyshare App stores a local copy of posts for off-line reading.
Login Features:
- Username and Password stored in Keychain.
- Quick Pics for Home, Tour, STBY@LC etc.
- Login and Signature Tags : Role, FirstName, LastName, Device, OS, AppName, AppVer.
Integrated Subjects list features:
- Grouped and Indexed
- Read Only Subjects (From the Board)
- Preferred Subject aware.
- Select and Deselect Preferred Subjects
- Secret Subjects (Limited Distribution)
- All Read/Unread Status Indication (Green / Red)
- All / Part / None Downloaed Status (Blue / Dark Grey / Light Grey)
Posts List Features:
- Compose, Edit, Quick-Quote and Delete Posts.
- Links integrated into your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
-- Telephone* or email just by tapping the link.
-- View web links in app, or in Safari.
-- View images in app, and save to your device.
- Add photos on your device, from:
-- Saved Photos
-- Photos Library
-- Camera*
Full Access to Skyshare Mail.
- QuickLaunch of App from Skyshare Mail email Links.
- 3 Line Summary of All Messages
- Unified Inbox and Sentbox
- Icon Badge (App Icon and TabBar) for Unread Mail Messages
- Skyshare Mail Composer
-- Create New/Blank SS Mail
--- Create new mail to multiple addressees.
-- Reply to Mail/Quote SS Mail
-- SS Mail link aware
Added Feature Members List.
- Unified List for all Language Groups, including Pending Members
- List Summary shows Photo, Fleet, Status, Rank etc.
Added Feature Member Detail.
- Active QuickLinks:
-- SS Mail
-- Phone*
-- SMS* (Auto detecting for all european countries)
-- Home email
-- Skype
-- NJE Mail
-- Employment/Options status.
Reset DB option in Settings App

* If supported by device.
Skyshare TRE
Skyshare TRE
Skyshare TRE
Skyshare TRE
Skyshare TRE
Skyshare TRE
Skyshare TRE
Skyshare TRE
Skyshare TRE
Skyshare TRE
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