Alone in the Gloom

iPhone & iPad
Языки: English
"Alone in the Gloom" is a new unique puzzle game what will improve your visual memory. The goal is to find a path in the darkness to the exit and collect as many stars as you can. Matches and lightnings will help you.

More than 50 five-star reviews!!! Some of them:

***** Poppy Rose (GB)
Love it!!! I love this game! It's addictive and really fun, I would recommend to anyone!

***** Aces High (GB)
Alone in the Gloom is a fantastic little game that oozes charm and atmosphere!

***** Rollnrocky (NZ)
Great fun game! Gets you thinking on what you gotta do next a lot

***** amonpheus (RO)
I love this game! Can't wait to see the next chapter!!!

***** -SlimShadyAddict- (US)
Scary. I love this game, its frikkin awesome. I like how each level is a bit scary and it really keeps you excited :)

***** Tweety4me (US)
Love the Gloom! Sooo much fun playing in the dark! Challenging in a good way. Can be addictive....

***** Akustic (RU)
Хорошая игра. Не напрягает. Ничего не надо интенсивно тыкать и бесится чтобы пройти какой либо уровень.

***** La folloutte (FR)
Jeu très original, le son est angoissant on se voit mieux dans le jeu. Sur iPad 2 le jeu marche très bien. Le petit personnage est mignon. Perso j'adore.

***** iliska (DE)
Macht viel Spaß. Klasse Idee. Empfehlenswert. Jetzt Update mit neuen Leveln die ganz schön schwierig sind. Trotzdem vielen Dank!



- 5 different chapters, 75 levels
- Train your visual memory
- iPhone/iPad universal app
- Game center support, high-score list
- Accelerometer support
- Collect all stars on each level to get more points
- Share your score with friends (Facebook, twitter, email) and receive extra points
- iPhone Retina display support
- The new iPad retina display support
- Music and sound effects
- Realistic lightning effects

Music by Klankbeeld (
Alone in the Gloom
Alone in the Gloom
Alone in the Gloom
Alone in the Gloom
Alone in the Gloom
Alone in the Gloom
Alone in the Gloom
Alone in the Gloom
Alone in the Gloom
Alone in the Gloom
4.5 (86)
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