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Cent Collector is a full-featured coin collecting App for your iPhone and iPad. (Support for Windows: http://saintsoftware.blogspot.com/2013/03/us-coin-collector-for-windows.html)

It comes equipped with an extensive Dictionary including:
- Cents, Half-Cents
- Three Cent types.

Decide you'd like to move beyond the built-in coin dictionary, no problem. We offer additional (paid) content covering the following types:

+ Nickels
+ Half-Dimes and Dimes
+ Quarters
+ Half Dollars
+ Dollars
+ Gold Coins
+ Bullion Coins
+ Proof & Mint Sets
+ Early American Colonials
+ Patterns
+ Commemorative
+ Territorial

Would you like to be able to use the App on multiple Apple mobile devices? We have a solution for that. The optional (must buy) Backup / Restore feature allows you to backup a copy of your collection on your iPhone, and then Restore the backup to perhaps your iPad. This makes it easy to sync your collection between your various Apple devices.

Want to know all about your coins? We linked directly to PCGS Coin Facts, the #1 authoritative source of population, pricing, and coin specifications.

Enjoy sharing photo's of your trophies? We offer unlimited photos. Use that high-resolution camera in your iPhone to snap photo's of your coins, then Backup the collection to the Cloud and restore to your iPad for viewing.

Then compare your photo's to PCGS's on-line PhotoGrade service, which shows enlarged views of PCGS grade samples. Wonder what it's worth, we link you directly into either Heritage Auctions Archives (#1 Coin Auction House in the World) or EBay.

Did we mention Reports? Yes, we have reports covering basic inventory, buy-lists, detailed financial analysis, and more. Better yet, you can choose between printing or emailing to a friend or maybe your Accountant.

Has it all, a truly best-in-class product and we are just getting started. Come join the fun.

Please visit our support site http://saintsoftware.blogspot.com/

If you buy the product, decide there's a feature you'd really love us to add -- please let us know. Our goal is to delight you, and help make Coin collecting fun and interesting.

SaintsSoft Development Team
Cent Collector
Cent Collector
Cent Collector
Cent Collector
Cent Collector
Cent Collector
Cent Collector
Cent Collector
Cent Collector
Cent Collector
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