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iPhone & iPad
Языки приложения:English
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The best app for all true fans!

Real fans need real tools to follow their team through the season.
This application brings you news about your team gathered from more than 20,000 sources around the web! No other fan app can offer this. The extensive amount of news will keep you up to date on everything concerning your team at all times.

• Relevant news from over 20,000 sources, updated every minute!
• Updated and easily readable table.
• Updated list of upcoming matches.
• Comments feature to help you state your opinion.
• Clean stories to let you focus on the content.
• Integrated feedback form to help develop the app further.
• PRO Upgrade to remove all ads from the app-interface.

There is no doubt that this app delivers something that none of the alternatives do.
A sure download for all real fans!

What the users say:
«Awesome app! Lots of useful team news.»

«This is an amazing App for all fans to download on the go! There's more news than most sites online.»

«The RSS real time feed reigns supreme! An app that all fans MUST have!»

«Top app, all the rumours and headlines, with fixtures and league tables thrown in. A one stop shop for everything concerning my team!»

«The only app I need to keep me up to date glad I've got it»

«Good little app this! Good links, quick to load and all the up to date news on the best team in the land! What more could you ask for?!»

Available TEAM-apps:
• Team Manchester United
• Team Manchester City
• Team Real Madrid
• Team Barcelona
• Team Tottenham
• Team Newcastle
• Team Liverpool
• Team Juventus
• Team Chelsea
• Team Everton
• Team Arsenal
• Team Milan
• Team Inter
• Team Leeds
iPhone Скриншоты:
Категория: Спорт
Версия: 3.5
Разработчик: Simen Gjermundsen
Размер: 4.03
Средний бал: 4.5 (-)
Apple ID: 405834423

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Сен 15 '2012
Версия: 3.3
Сен 02 '2012
Версия: 3.2
Мая 22 '2012
Версия: 3.1
Мая 02 '2012
Версия: 3.0
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Версия: 2.0
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Версия: 1.5
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Версия: 3.5

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