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Give help, get help, and be rewarded! Hoople is a mobile social network empowering your communities to make life easier while rewarding simple daily initiatives for mutual help.

Your son forgot his homework at school again?
Let’s organise ride sharing to soccer practice.
Want to hook up with someone to carpool to work?
I’m heading to the store, would you like me to pick up something for you?
Most of the help we can get or give daily does not require much effort, and would make everyone’s life much, much simpler!

With Hoople you can :

• Create Hoops to gather related people (like «parents of the local soccer club» or «People in my neighbourhood to carpool with») and make them discoverable or private

• Accept new members checking the answers to the Hoop’s entry questions, control the validity of their phone numbers in a safe and secure environment! For example, you may not know all parents of your kid’s class, but the ones you know, know others and can recommend them to join the Hoop and extend the group to be more useful ! You can in a hoop trace the “chain of trust” of who validated who back to you, and hide people you do not want to see your messages

• Post and read useful information regarding your Hoop

• Send and answer «shouts» for urgent demands or request for help.

• You get rewarded every time you help someone with points. The people who helped you get rewarded as well. It’s all about helping out and getting rewarded and the more you help the higher you will be ranked in your community!

It only takes two to get Hoople started. Hoople is free, you can use it on your phone oor on your computer (still needing a mobile number to be certified), look for Hoops or create the ones you do not find and invite people to join you and start helping one another today for a better life !
Tell us what you think, what we should do better at feedback@hoople.net
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Категория: Социальные сети
Версия: 2.1
Разработчик: Hoople
Размер: 3.55
Средний бал: 5 (-)
Apple ID: 459379674


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