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iPhone & iPad
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A Fun & Easy Paint App! Thousands of Uses!
Brushes! Bucket Fill! Stamps! Shapes! Sounds!

Paint! with its "!" is the Paint App your Friends told you about! The Premier version of our wildly successful App "Kid Paint" offered with extra drawing space and no Ads in the way of your Fun! Tons of people love Paint! for its Fun & Ease of Use!

Paint! is the perfect anytime Paint App for Kids of all Ages! Tap the Brush Icon to swap between Brush, Pencil or Ink Pen! Or, Tap the Shape Icons to swap between OutLine or Filled Circle, Square, or Triangle!

Check out the Stamp tool, now with even more Stamps, each with its own unique Sound! Tap & Place the Stamps or use the Type feature to place type into your Painting.

The Background Tool let's you choose your Background from set or custom Colors, in-App Images, Imported Images from your Photo Roll, or Photos taken right in the App!

The Brush tool has an 'edge' effect, so it draws like a Brush. The Pencil tool makes fine lines, and Ink Pen edges like the pens of old!

The intuitive Color tool makes color selection fast and easy, and the Stroke Slider lets you adjust the size of your Brush! Enjoy Free Draw, Straight Line, Outline or Filled Box, Circle or Square.

The UnDo and ReDo buttons help you fix any mistakes! The Eraser tool lets you fine tune your artwork; and its 'secrete' Double-Tap lets you clear the screen. Everyone enjoys the Finger Smudge tool to give the perfect accent to your Art!

Naturally, you can import from and save to your Photo Gallery, e-mail your work or Save it in the App memory, MMS from your Gallery, Import from Clipboard or Print from Gallery or your favorite 3rd party Print App!

Paint! is a quick, easy Go-To App for your everyday painting, sketching and drawing needs!

miSoft®, Go-To Apps! Create • Share • Play!

Try Searching "miSoft" in the App Store to see our other Apps. We're proud of them all!

You can try Paint! for free with iAds, offered as "Kid Paint"!

If you enjoy miSoft Apps, please take a moment to post a Kind Star Rating and maybe even a written Review! These steps really help others find and enjoy our Apps and empower us to provide great updates and new Apps! Thank You!

Please Check miSoft.com for information on Reviews, this App and all miSoft Apps, policies, terms of use and pricing. All miSoft data ©, ™, ® miSoft, LLC 2011.
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Категория: Развлечения
Версия: 1.7.1
Разработчик: miSoft, LLC
Размер: 5.4 Мб
Средний бал: 3.5 (13)
Apple ID: 362954754


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Мая 01 '2012
Версия: 1.7.1
Авг 31 '2011
Версия: 1.7
Фев 21 '2011
Версия: 1.5.1

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