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iPhone & iPad
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- Store and view documents, transferring them easily from any Mac or PC.
- High quality viewers, including excellent support for PDF and full-resolution images.
- Play music; watch movies; access your cloud storage or download from the internet.
- Includes full integration with Dropbox.
- Supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

* MAC or PC
Transfer documents over Wi-Fi using the Finder, Windows Explorer or your favourite web browser.
Alternatively Documents Pro supports USB transfer via iTunes file sharing.

Access, view and manage all your documents stored in Dropbox. Includes support for image thumbnails, streaming audio, folder sync, move, copy and most other standard actions.

The PDF reader handles large documents with ease, including vertical and horizontal page layouts.
Navigate page thumbnails with our unique quick-scroll bar;
Perform full text searches;
Jump directly to a page or browse the PDF's table-of-contents;
Double-tap to zoom into text regions or images.
The app will even remember the last viewed page and zoom level.
Password protected PDFs are supported.

View most common file types, including Microsoft Office documents, PDF documents, image, movie and audio files.

Documents Pro has a fast, high quality image viewer, with support for zoom and pan.
You can also import or export photos and videos from the Photos application.

Play single files, or an entire folder of music in Documents Pro's custom audio player.
Artwork and other metadata are supported.

Move, copy, delete, rename, zip & unzip and create folders, all from within Documents Pro.

Find files by name in the current folder or globally.
Search the full text of PDF documents

Easily download documents and email attachments or access your online cloud storage.

Send documents as email attachments directly from Documents Pro using your standard email account.

Local and remote access to Documents Pro can be secured via password.

Scroll bars allow fast access when browsing files or viewing documents.

Add document bookmarks for easy access to often viewed sections.

Jump directly to a page in long documents.

With Documents Pro you can take and view your documents wherever your iPad goes, sharing them easily from any compatible Mac or PC.

- Most Microsoft Office document are viewable.
- PDF, RTF, HTML, Apple iWork and text documents.
- Image, movie and audio file support is limited to those formats supported by iOS.

A Wi-Fi or USB connection is required to connect to Documents Pro and transfer documents.
Once on your device you can read documents anywhere, no network access required.

See Documents Pro's built-in help for connection instructions and other information.

FAQ: http://www.olivetoast.com/documentspro/faq.shtml
Video tutorials: http://www.olivetoast.com/documentspro/videos.shtml
Forums: http://www.olivetoast.com/forums
Twitter: @olivetoast
iPhone Скриншоты:
iPad Скриншоты:
Категория: Производ.
Версия: 1.9.9
Разработчик: Olive Toast Software Ltd
Размер: 15.1 Мб
Средний бал: 3 (35)
Apple ID: 374142847


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Версия: 1.9.8
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Версия: 1.9.9
Окт 19 '2011
Версия: 1.9.6
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