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A child’s early years are a busy time for parents and keeping tabs on baby’s vaccines is an essential but challenging task – with multiple vaccines due in baby’s first 12 months alone.

To make managing the family’s vaccination needs as simple as possible, this Child Immunisation Tracker app has been developed by Irishhealth.com. It is available free of charge thanks to the support of Aptaclub. This Tracker won the 'Best Educational App' award for 2011 in Ireland's national Appys awards in November 2011.

The app will assist the many parents living in Ireland in ensuring their new family member is protected against a range of life-threatening diseases to which infants and young children are most susceptible. The service also includes reminders for the Cervical Cancer vaccine for 12-13 year old schoolgirls.

Setting up a new child record is easy and will only take a minute or two. You can customise each record if you wish with a photo of the child and their blood group (if known) as well as recording your GP’s phone number so you can call direct from the app to set up your next appointment.

The app sends timely ‘push’ reminders to your iPhone when vaccines are due, as well as providing lots of information on childhood diseases and the vaccines used to prevent them.

A powerful exclusive feature of this app is that, in the event of a disease outbreak eg. measles or swine flu, Irishhealth.com can send an instant ‘alert’ via the app to all parents.

The app also has a ‘live’ feed of breaking child health news stories from Irishhealth.com. In addition, you can email a copy of each child’s full schedule to the address of your choice – whether this is your GP or simply to send yourself a copy for back-up purposes.

The data used in this service is based on the current guidelines from the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland. It is only intended for parents of children in the Republic of Ireland, as vaccination schedules vary in other jurisdictions.
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