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iPhone & iPad
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Языки приложения:English, Japanese
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Now 50% OFF Sale! Dub Siren is the world's best selling Reggae,Dub & Dubstep app used by Gorillaz and many Professional DJs.

Key Features:

★Includes both iPhone and iPad versions (Universal App)
★40+ Reggae Dancehall Dub Radio Stations
★20+ Dubstep Radio Stations
★10+ Jungle DnB Stations

★Delay Effects on Radio and iTunes Songs
★Filter EQ for Radio and iTunes Songs (iPad only)
★iTunes library access
★AirPlay ready

★Vintage Synth Oscillator Mode for Dub and Dubstep
★Sampler Mode includes 80+ sound effect samples
★World's Famous Artist's Sound Packs are available

Sound Pack List (*Paid Sample Pack)

Classic Sound
Pro DJ
Selecta Tools
Cultuaral Warriors
Lee Perry*
Mad Professor*
VP Records 1&2*
Jahtari 1&2*
Big Youth*
Zion Train*

User Reviews:

Awesome app for live performance or play at home, great alternative to sampler or soundboy, use it all the time
by Vibration lab

For those into reggae especially, this app goes above and beyond for killer selecter sounds. Not only does it include current effects you hear on Sound Systems today but also the OG analog sounds as well as effects and samples from some of the biggest artists/producers from Reggae's pantheon of legends.
by Drew P Weiner

It's amazing to think that you can literally rock a party with a couple of iPhones/iPads with an app like Dub Siren and any decent Djay app.
All the original and authentic sound effects that made the sound system era great are present.
This is the real ting right yahso!
by Vincent Brown

This app is di best ting i ever had on my phone! Good sounds fo lice juggelin! Biiiig Uuuuup bwoys n gials!! Powpow!!! Bless
by Remytherem

briljant!! first and only choice when it comes to à reggae / sound app.
by Oskadus Stereo Stepper

Love the sounds, love the classic controller, love the new spin/next track tie-in, love the stations. Tested and Approved by Real Jamaicans!
by Likkle Baby

I've messed around for ages trying to create the same effects that this thing just blasts out. It is the wickedness.
by Mclovechild

Superb app, reminds me of soundsystems I heard back in the 80s South London. A lot of fun importing your old faves from iTunes and mashing them down with the superb choice of effects. Would be good to record sessions or add your own sound effects but I guess the beauty of the app is its simplicity and low barrier to entry.
Cool, well done the developers
by Dazzliod

I've been using this app ever since it came out and it just keeps getting better.
Sound packs -lots of my fave producers/artists with unique sounds (big up Jahtari!).
Super fun at parties and slick interface.
by Modzilla

[All sound packs are copyright protected and copying to any other media including electronic equipment for commercial purposes are prohibited without prior agreement.]
iPhone Скриншоты:
iPad Скриншоты:
Категория: Музыка
Версия: 2.1.3
Разработчик: Sawa Digital LLC
Размер: 17.2 Мб
Средний бал: 4.5 (6)
Apple ID: 376193244

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