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Fengshui Compass (Luo Pan 羅盤) uses the Magnetic Bearing (instead of True North) to determine directions.

To determine the door facing or house facing direction using Fengshui Compass, stand at the main door of your house or office from the inside looking out.

Point your iPhone or iPad towards the main door.

Once you are confirmed with the readings, press the "Eight Mansions" button. App will automatically display the Eight Mansions map relative to the current direction. Eight Mansions Map will change as you change directions.

Divide your floor plan to Nine sections as indicated on the Eight Mansions Map.

Notice where the 2 most important sections: Tianyi (Heavenly Doctor) and Wugui (Five Ghosts) are located in your floor plan.

天醫 Tianyi (Heavenly Doctor) : represents Wealth, Health.

五鬼 Wugui (Five Ghosts) :represents Sickness, Quarrel

Different schools of thoughts have different definitions for the 9 sections.

Eight Mansions Fengshui (八宅風水)is an ancient Chinese technique for determining the lucky(吉) or unlucky(凶) section of a building, house, office or room. There are 8 different types of layout named after the 8 trigrams (八卦) mentioned in iChing (易經)。

Nine Palace Flying Stars (九宮飛星) Calculation method will be added in a later version of the App.

Features :
Quick access to the map with compass or map only for an overview of the surrounding location.

Quick access to the Eight Mansions floor plan without having to input the bearing or North South East West direction.

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPad as this app works with a magnetometer to determine direction and magnetic bearing.


北 :North (N)
南 :South (S)
東 :East (E)
西 :West (W)
東北 :NorthEast (NE)
東南 :SouthEast (SE)
西北 :NorthWest (NW)
西南 :SouthWest (SW)

Eight Trigrams(八卦)
乾 ☰ (qian)
坤 ☷ (kun )
震 ☳ (zhen)
巽 ☴ (xun )
坎 ☵ (kan )
离 ☲ (li )
艮 ☶ (gen)
兑 ☱ (dui)

二十四山(Twenty Four Mountains)

(東 East)
甲 67.5º - 82.5º
卯 82.5º - 97.5º
乙 97.5º - 112.5º

(東南 South East )
辰 112.5º - 127.5º
巽 127.5º - 142.5º
巳 142.5º - 157.5º

(南 South)
丙 157.5º - 172.5º
午 172.5º - 187.5º
丁 187.5º - 202.5º

(西南 SouthWest)
未 202.5º - 217.5º
坤 217.5º - 232.5º
申 232.5º - 247.5º

(西 West)
庚 247.5º - 262.5º
酉 262.5º - 277.5º
辛 277.5º - 292.5º

(西北 NorthWest)
戌 292.5º - 307.5º
干 307.5º - 322.5º
亥 322.5º - 337.5º

(北 North)
壬 337.5º - 82.5º
子 67.5º - 352.5º
癸 352.5º - 7.5º

(東北 NorthEast)
丑 7.5º - 37.5º
艮 37.5º - 52.5º
寅 52.5º - 67.5º

App Support Email : ELearnApps@gmail.com
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Категория: Утилиты
Версия: 1.0
Разработчик: Sook Ho
Размер: 3.3 MB
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Apple ID: 452458941


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