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Emoji Enabler allows you to type more than 460 beautiful emoticons anywhere that you can use your iPhone's normal keyboard. Add personality to emails, text messages, notes, and more with Emoji Enabler, and have fun in the process. And you get it all for free!

The only hard part is choosing which to use. Here are just a few:


Sample messages:
I'm hungry. Want some  or ? 
I  my  
I just got a  at the . 
 is late again. Should have taken my 

Note that your friends need to have iOS Devices to see the emoticons you've typed (such as iPhones, iPod touches, or iPads).

The possibilities are endless. Try Emoji Enabler today!

Please be sure to check my other app, Nightstand Central. Download it from the App Store (free version available) and wake up in style to your favorite iPod playlists. It even has current weather information, customizable photo wallpapers, a sleep timer, and a shake-on / shake-off flashlight!
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