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► Now get your hands on the most complete and best parking app.

☞ Also checkout calLog app to track your phone calls.

✔ A complete parking application with additional uses.

✔ Notification Alerts ( requires iOS 4.0 or higher )
⚫ Get alerts when parking timer expires and when it's time to return to your car.

✔ Alerts do not require internet connection.

✔ You can use notifications timer directly.
⚫ From the options menu without going to the parking process.

✔ Double timer.
⚫ Set the main timer when you park your car.
⚫ Walk to your destination then open the app and tap on the orange button to and choose the suggested time by the app to set the secondary timer. Then the app notifies you before your main timer expires and the time you need to walk back to your car.

✔ First time camera view with PIP (Picture In Picture) technic on iPhone for the best visualization.

✔ Precisely saves your parking location, by the easiest technic.

✔ Automatically adds address, date and time to the locations.

✔ Add name, note or parking price rate to the locations.

✔ List view shows previously parking locations ordered by date or distance to your current location.

✔ Other uses :
⚫ Record your car maintenance:
⚫ Take a picture from your car's odometer and attach it to the location where you change oil or refuel.
⚫ Share your location:
⚫ Share your location with iPhone users or non iPhone users by text message or a nicely formatted e-mail with an image attached and a map link.

✔ Get direction to the locations by just one tap.

✔ Shows an arrow towards the position of the car as you start walking, this is good when there is no Internet.

✔ This app works with older iPhones, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS. To get correct direction for 3G and older iPhones you should be moving or walking.

✔ This app works with iPod touch equipped with Wi-Fi GPS detection devices such as G-Fi.

☞ We have tested this app with the latest iOS versions for different devices.
How ever if you are experiencing crashes, sync your device with iTunes and select to send the crash log.
This way we will receive the crash log for more investigation.
iPhone Скриншоты:
Категория: Навигация, Авто
Версия: 3.1.6
Разработчик: BIODIGITS LTD.
Размер: 2.89
Средний бал: 4 (4)
Apple ID: 352462922

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