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is reliable, it just runs.

A whole world of amazing weather information all packed into one app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch: WEATHERTRACK is not just a GRIB viewer for the outdoor enthusiast but also the chosen iOS app for anyone needing professional, dependable and well-founded weather information. A mobile planner, easy to use, even in a café or pub. WEATHERTRACK is the Swiss Army Knife for Weather Enthusiasts.


GLOBAL-LOCAL – a stunning eye-catcher:
A fascinating look from space shows our planet Earth with worldwide clouds. Explore WEATHERTRACK’s spectacular meteorological snapshot to observe what kind of weather conditions could develop. This stunning eye-catcher is paired with an automatic update of local weather worldwide.

GRIB Viewer:
Download GRIB files for any given area worldwide in high resolution. Get simple and precise weather information in detail about wind, waves, current as well as precipitation, pressure, geopotential height, sea/air temperature and more.

View also severe weather warnings.

GRIB Opener:
WEATHERTRACK is the first and only GRIB viewer on the iOS market that can do both display different weather models and open different sources (email, web, such as OCENS, BSH etc.). This gives access to specialized weather forecasts, f.ex. higher resolution data available from commercial subscription based services. (SWS, ECMWF etc.)

WEATHERTRACK can also display weather forecasts as images. Here you see selected online resources for finding out more about the current weather situation. General information is displayed that is not available as GRIB files, such as graphics for:
- Satellite
- Radar
- Fax
- Aviation weather (partly)
- Surface analysis
- Snow precipitation
and more.
We continuously work to expand the coverage.


“Spectacular, finally a weather application that is technically accurate, reliable and usable in the fields: sailing, in the mountains, on an airport in the middle of nowhere ....!!! “
“Weathertrack makes me look like a meteorological genius“
“Winner of the Year!“
"Exceptional", the "Best iOS-GRIB viewer", "Excellent", "Professional", "Outstanding", "Highly recommendable" (www.weathertrack.us/rewiews.html)


Weather types (GRIB layers):
- Wind Speed/Direction (10 m above mean sea level)
- CAPE: indicator for severe weather (Convective Available Potential Energy)
- Precipitation (rain, snow etc.)
- Cloud Cover
- Wave Height/Direction/Period (Mediterranean, Black Sea, Baltic Sea)
- Current
- Barometric Pressure,
- Air-/Sea Temperature, Temperature at 500 mb
- Relative Humidity, Geopotential Height at 500 mb

Special Information
- Sun set/Sun rise
- Different weather models
- In-app guide
- Multiple languages
- WeatherTrack Bubble: spot data on your finger tip
- Animation of any GRIB layer for the forecast interval
- Import and export GRIB files to and from your PC (via iTunes)
- Zoom the currently displayed GRIB layer

- Worldwide Coverage
- Forecasts up to 16 days (depending on weather model)
- Weather models: GFS (Global Forecast System, NOAA), COAMPS, NOGAPS, WW3, WAM85, FNMOC-Med/FNMOC-WW3 (waves), RTOFS (Gulf stream)
- Resolution: any, default: 0.5°, 1°, 2°, 2.5°
- Resolution 0.05° for Waves Mediterranean/Black Sea
- Forecast interval: any, default: 3hr, 6hr, 12hr, 24hr
- Data updated every 6 hours (GFS model)
- Download forecast, use it online or offline, offshore or in the mountains

Customizable Settings:
- Area of interest (latitude/longitude)
- Grid resolution
- Weather models
- Choose GRIB layers
- Units (imperial or metric)
- Choose forecast interval/number of days
- Map (city, legend etc.)
- Animation speed
- Time zone (local/UTC)
- Interpolation, Isobar, Isotherm, Isoline
- File size (great for roaming control)
- Track weather routing (enter speed/course)
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Категория: Погода
Версия: 1.4.5
Разработчик: Best Search Infobrokerage, Inc
Размер: 48.5 Мб
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Apple ID: 417401887


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