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iNoki - Transfer Nokia data for iPhone

★★★★★ "Awesome time saving and sometimes life saving features." - Technolism review.
★★★★★ "Transferred everything from my old Nokia N91 to my new iPhone 4S!" - US user review.
★★★★★ "Does exactly what it says on the tin. Flawlessly." - UK user review.
★★★★★ "iNoki works great. It's an expensive app but for me it is a perfect program. A must for users with many contacts!" - NL user review.
★★★★ "I think this is your smartest choice if you want to sync your old Nokia phone with a new iPhone. Great to be able to sync all my photos as well!" - FI user review.

No need to worry anymore about your contacts, SMS, MMS, calendar, photos, notes, songs, videos, documents etc. when switching from Nokia phone to iPhone. iNoki will transfer all the Nokia data to your iPhone - Painlessly.

iNoki can extract the content of Nokia PC Suite created .nbu or .arc backup file which hold all the data of your Nokia phone and import the extracted data to your iPhone. You can extract and explore Nokia phonebook, text messages, MMS, calendar, notes, photos, audio & video files in iNoki.

(☑ iNoki Lite is also available in App Store. It's free. It has extracting limitations for each category of data.)

★ Extracting & viewing your Nokia phone's data on iPhone

The extracted contacts, SMS, MMS, calendars, notes, photos are all viewable in iNoki. You can tap a contact to make a call; copy the content of a SMS/MMS or reply to the sender; check the note of a calendar entry or just browse and sharing all the photos taken with your Nokia phone. It's that easy.

★ Exporting Nokia contacts, calendars and photos to iPhone

You can export all the contacts, calendars and photos to your iPhone's native Addressbook, Calendar or Camera Roll. Contacts and calendars will auto merge with existing ones.

★ Viewing SMS/MMS in conversation mode

You can view SMS/MMS in it's original boxes (inbox, send, archive etc) from Nokia or in the new conversation mode - all SMS/MMS from a sender will be listed in one entry.

Conversations can also be exported as .PDF file which an be view in iBooks or any PDF reader.

Text messages can be exported as .txt file. It's saved in iNoki document folder and can be accessed via iTunes file sharing.

★ Covers a wide range of PC Suite versions

iNoki support Nokia PC Suite v6.8 to it's most recent 7.x versions. The Nokia OVI Suite backup file are also supported.

★ Powered by the award winning Noki parsing engine

iNoki is powered by Noki's parsing engine - which is the standard explorer for Nokia backup files since 2007. It's robust and fast.

★ Import the .NBU file via iTunes sharing, Email or Dropbox

You can copy the .NBU/.arc files to iNoki's folder using iTunes file sharing. You can also invoke iNoki to open the backup file from Email or in your Dropbox.

You can also copy the extracted content to your PC/Mac via iTunes file sharing.

★ Build-in bug reporter and extraction filter

iNoki also comes with in app bug reporter and an extraction filter which can turn off extraction for a category of data in the .NBU file.

★ Works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

iNoki site : www.nokisoft.com/inoki
Bug report: www.nokisoft.com/inoki/contact.php
iPhone Скриншоты:
Категория: Утилиты
Версия: 1.4
Разработчик: Han Zhao
Размер: 2.5 Мб
Средний бал: -- (-)
Apple ID: 438619967


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Июн 26 '2012
Версия: 1.4
Мая 22 '2012
$19.99 -> $29.99
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Версия: 1.3.2
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Версия: 1.2.8

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