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- Support iPhone5 4" Retina display
- Support iOS 7

Introducing ColorManger, that is able to control the colors of photo at your taste. You can change your photo's color as much as you want.
As converting selected color to black and white, you can make your photo awesome like a movie poster.

Color Manager has two modes for changing color, 'Color Slider mode' and Mask mode'.
First, 'Color slider mode'
There are 6 color sliders such as red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta.
just move the color slider you want, it will change the original color to black and white.
Don't worry about complex or too many forms, areas. Every color in your photo will be applied to a new color.

Second, 'Mask mode'
If the result of the 'Color slider mode' doesn't satisfy you, use a mask eraser. you can erase needless color area manually. Mask is expressed red color area.
You can hide mask area by mask on/off button.
If you make a mistake when stroking, press reset button to initialize it. Zoom function helps you draw it more detail.

Color Manager supports maximum resolution up to 1200pixel at iPod touch, 1800pixel at iPhone 3G/3Gs and 2600pixel at iPhone 4 and later.
Make your own striking photo fast and easily with color Manager.


- Support iPhone5 4" Retina display
- Support iOS 6
- Simple and easy Interface
- Real time color effect with 6 color sliders
- Color mask capability
- Able to on/off mask
- Able to reset mask
- Able to zoom in mask mode
- Resolution support : 1200px at iPod touch, 1800px at iPhone 3G/3Gs, 2600px at iPhone4 and later
- Save into Camera roll

--------------- ColorManager Series ---------------

- ColorManager : You can make your photo awesome like movie poster fast and easily.

- ColorManager Cam : You can make your movie like music video or commercial film in an instant.

You can check sample shots, videos and detail user manual of ColorManager and colorManager Cam.
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