Champions of the Football World: Real Penalty League Cup 14 ( Soccer ) - fantasy team experience kick with flick shootout ( футбол игра )

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Языки: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Want something new?
Test your awesomeness in innovative challenge modes which require skill and memory.
Challenge modes based on combination of striking targets and playing music.
Beat computer in advanced championship which require different strategies for every team.

- shoot precisely and play music,
- use your memory and become the best player,
- classical tournament, where you can play as a striker or goalkeeper,
- challenge mode: shoot the targets and improve your skills,
- go through the challenging campaign, promote to the next levels, play on different stadiums and advance in your career,
- choose from 128 national country outfits your favorite team,
- play on 4 different stadiums: day and night classical stadium, gym hall and ghetto court,

Challenge mode features:
- unique music modes,
- shoot & play music,
- test your memory and skill,
- 33 difficulty challenges,
- single player challenge campaign mode where you can test your skills,
- hit the multiple targets within limited amount of time or with limited shoots,
- hit the moving target with the football ball,
- put the soccer ball into the trash bin,
- strike the boxes and achieve highest score,
- play on four different stadiums,

Tournament mode:
- test your skills in the football championships,
- shoot goals and save the net as goalkeeper,
- play against best national teams on the world,
- become a champion of the world,
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