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Red Robin Royalty
57 мин. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0 iPhone
Burgers to the people! The new Red Robin Royalty app brings a whole new level of perks, privileges, and fun to our loyalty program members: •MEMBER BENEFITS: oEvery 10th item purchased is free oFree Burger for your Birthday oA $20 Reward if you visit 5 times in your first 5 weeks of membership oTons of exclusive surprises throughout the year! •TRACK... Читать дальше...
Grog House Grill
2 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.0.1 iPhone
We are a combination of a Grill / Bar and night club this unique mixture is great for the town we are located in Gainesville. We have served the area for great food, drinks and an awesome party environment. We offer a great variety of food and drinks to every one who is a patron Features - get updated menu and discounts of your favorite restaurant. - Weekly event... Читать дальше...
The Copper Monkey
2 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.0.1 iPhone
We have been serving the city of Gainesville with an amazing Pub and restaurant experience that makes Your time with us one in a million to be the best experience you have had yet. Download our app to get: Features - get updated menu and discounts of your favorite restaurant. -Weekly event updates -know more about the restaurant menu -great tool to calculate... Читать дальше...
3 ч. назад Языки: En Ge и др. Версия: 2.1 iPad
Интернет изобилует всевозможными рецептами на любой вкус, но, когда мы хотим по-настоящему удивить гостей, мы открываем свою собственную кулинарную книжку, где на залистанных страницах... Читать дальше...
German Food Recipes
3 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.0 iPhone & iPad
► "German Food Recipes" knowledge including German food features, recipes as well as food culture! Download the application immediately and test your cooking skills! ► The main features of the application: • The famous foods with some categories: chicken, pasta, cheese, chocolate, beans, beef, diary, egg, fish, flour, fruit, buts, rice, pork... Читать дальше...
Mille Miglia interactive Travel-Guide and Cook-Book iPad
3 ч. назад Языки: En Ge Версия: 1.1 iPad
he indispensable travel companion along the route of the legendary Mille Miglia... The Mille Miglia App is the perfect addition for all fans of the traditional Italian race. Next to selected retaurants and hotels along the 1000 miles long route the App offers a lot of information about the Mille Miglia and all the stages. But you may also just troll along the... Читать дальше...
мое любимое вино для Ipad - мобильные вина журнала и дневника приложение для винных любителей и ценителей
3 ч. назад Языки: En Fr и др. Версия: 1.0 iPad
Хотите отслеживать все эти поразительные, загадочные вина? Хотите легко и быстро обмениваться фотографиями и впечатлениями со своими коллегам любителей вина? Тогда мое любимое... Читать дальше...
Torte salate, Dolci e Golosità. Cucina e foto by Stefania Zecca. Vol. 2
3 ч. назад Языки: En Ge и др. Версия: 1.1 iPad
La cucina di Stefania Zecca Vol. 2 Quando cucina e fotografia si incontrano... Questa App per iPad è stata ideata da Stefania Zecca, che ne ha curato le ricette e realizzato le fotografie. Spirito eclettico, architetto, designer, ceramista, fotografa, cuoca e mamma, collaboratrice della testata online D Repubblica e autrice del raffinato e seguito... Читать дальше...
Party Cupcake Recipes 1000+
3 ч. назад Языки: En No и др. Версия: 2.1 iPhone & iPad
**We update with new recipes every two weeks.** Cupcakes are soooooo cute and awesome. Do you want to download 1000+ cupcake recipes? Prepare the best cupcakes for birthdays, parties, weddings, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, New Year, baby shower, etc. We select cupcakes recipes in one app. Features: ★ 1000+ delicious cupcake recipes... Читать дальше...
3 ч. назад Языки: En Ar и др. Версия: 1.0 iPhone & iPad
"Frische in der Box" jetzt auch mobil einkaufen! Mit unserer LunchBox App ist die „Gesunde Ernährung-Challenge“ schnell und bequem gemeistert! Mit ein paar wenigen TapTapTap‘s können Sie unsere top-aktuellen, saisonalen und täglichen Take Out Speisen und Getränke mobile bestellen! Morgens erhalten Sie unsere Daily Menüvorschläge je Kategorie... Читать дальше...
Вкус Budz! Еда Снимки и здорового питания Фото сеть обмена
3 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0 iPhone & iPad
Откройте для себя и документировать все приготовления пищи и обедов с фотографии и заметки. Поделиться своими красивыми блюд с миром. "5 звезд! Я люблю, чтобы использовать его для записи... Читать дальше...
VinoCellar: manage your wine cellar and tasting notes like a pro
4 ч. назад Языки: En Fr и др. Версия: 2.0.2 iPhone & iPad
VinoCellar is the most powerful, intelligent, and most comprehensive app to manage all elements of your wines, your wine cellar and tasting notes. To discover all screenshots and demonstration videos, please have a look at our website: http://www.viniapps.com/vinocellar 1) Add your wines and choose your favourite fields thanks to numerous criteria... Читать дальше...
We Live to Eat Restaurant Week
4 ч. назад Языки: En Ar и др. Версия: 1.0 iPhone & iPad
During the week long celebration of New Orleans cuisine, participating restaurants in the New Orleans metro area offer special prix fixe menus, giving diners the opportunity to try items at 25 percent value off the regular price. Restaurants offer a two-course lunch and a three-course dinner. Participating restaurants ranged from fine dining establishments... Читать дальше...
Menu Planner
4 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 3.0 iPhone & iPad
Easily create meal plans and track nutritional information. Manage your own recipes and import new ones from popular recipe web sites. Keep track of what you have in your pantry (and how many), and integrate it all into your shopping list in one application! Supports syncing between multiple devices! Key Features: • Plan out your meals exactly how you... Читать дальше...
E Scan
4 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.4 iPhone
E Scan - самый быстрый способ узнать насколько съедобен покупаемый вами пищевой продукт - сканируйте фотокамерой состав прямо с этикетки или введите номер пищевой добавки, или найдите... Читать дальше...
JNA kuvar
4 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.01 iPhone
“JNA kuvar” sadrži više od 100 recepata za jela kojima se hranila svojedobno četvrta najjača vojna sila Evrope. Svaki recept dolazi sa detaljnom tablicom nutritivnih vrednosti za kombiniranje pravilne ishrane. Dio aplikacije je i generator šoping liste namirnica za pojedini recept, ovisno o broju porcija koje se priprema. Recepte se može pregledavati... Читать дальше...
4 ч. назад Языки: Ru Версия: 2.1 iPhone
Любите японскую кухню и не можете жить без суши? Тогда наше приложение именно для вас. Богатое меню, только свежие продукты и бесплатная доставка. Наша служба доставки готовой еды... Читать дальше...
The Village
4 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 7.0.1 iPhone & iPad
The Village Restaurant is a combination of Italian, French and American cuisine. The Village Restaurant is an independently owned business and has been open since 2007. Chef Alfredo has dedicated himself to bring to our table excellent food with fresh ingredients, with a particular latin touch. The Village Restaurant offers traditional breakfast, brunch... Читать дальше...
Mexican Recipes 2000+
4 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0.0 iPhone
This App include more than 2000 Mexican Recipes. If you love Mexican Food then this the application for you. It contains best Traditional recipes with ingredients and directions in preparing the same. This application will serve you nearly 2000 traditional and easy to make Mexican recipes from different taste and items. This app Easy-to-use and flexible... Читать дальше...
sweetgreen rewards
4 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.1.0 iPhone
Welcome to sweetgreen rewards! Leave your wallet and old sweetgreen loyalty card at home. Our app lets you pay with your phone and earn rewards along the way. For every $99 you spend using the app, get $9 toward your next purchase. Plus, the more you spend, the more perks you unlock: free birthday salads, charitable donations, access to invite-only events…... Читать дальше...


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