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Talisman Prologue
Ребусы - головоломки
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Yachats ( a 5 dice game)
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Ice Rage
1 мин. назад Языки: En Версия: 4.0 iPhone & iPad
Спортивная игра № 1 в Великобритании и 70 других странах. Более 2 миллионов игроков! От разработчиков игр Minigore, Bike Baron и Death Rally. Ice Rage — это аркадный хоккей, который переносит впечатления... Читать дальше...
Find All The Twins
4 мин. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.1 iPhone & iPad
This app makes it fun to teach young kids to recognize people in different settings! Children ages 2 and above or children with special needs will enjoy playing and learning at the same time. Vibrant colors, simple background music and slower animations are specially chosen to capture their attention. They will enjoy this educational app again and again. Scenario... Читать дальше...
Tap 'n' Pop Classic: Balloon Group Remove
22 мин. назад Языки: En Версия: 7.1 iPhone
Tap 'n' Pop is one of the most popular classics for the iPhone. Rotate, shake and tap your device, pop the balloons, use the power ups in this fun and challenging game. Shake your iPhone/iPod/iPad to reset colours. Very useful when you are running out of moves! You only get a few at the beginning though. Some user comments ------------------------------------------- "Poppit... Читать дальше...
Языки: En Ru Версия: 1.0 iPhone & iPad
Puzzle Fight – самые красивые и большие пазлы в неограниченном количестве и непревзойденном качестве изображений! Собирай сам, собирай с друзьями, соревнуйся и выигрывай! Стань самым... Читать дальше...
Space Frak HD
27 мин. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.3 iPhone & iPad
Blast your way through hordes of swarming aliens as you defend your planet against a relentless assault from space! "The cat is finally out of the bag, Space Frak is one wild shooter!" "I play this between Starcraft 2 matches, and it's great." "SWEEEEEEET GRAPHICS" "Very simple to learn, but fun to master. The achievements are tough, and the later levels... Читать дальше...
29 мин. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.1 iPhone & iPad
Retromines is a tribute to the classic Minesweeper for iPad and iPhone, with retro and pixelated interface. Controls: - Tap block to clear - Tap and hold to place flag Читать дальше...
Pro Hunter 3D: Deer Season
1 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.2 iPhone & iPad
It's deer season! Get ready to to shoot trophy bucks in Deer Hunt 3D. Shoot your way through 15 levels of intense deer hunting action. Start off with some deer just standing around, then get more intense as the deer run around you. Читать дальше...
Duck Hunt Super
1 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.0 iPhone
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/duck-hunt-crazy/id698084834?mt=8 Если вам нравится "Утиная охота", вы будете любить эту игру. потому что эта игра "Утиная охота супер" $ 1,99 -> 0,00 на этой неделе! сцена 6: MAYA-2012 идет, утки... Читать дальше...
Talisman Prologue HD
1 ч. назад Языки: En Fr и др. Версия: 1.0.7363 iPhone & iPad
The prologue to Games Workshop's (creator of Warhammer) seminal fantasy adventure board game is now available! 8/10 IGN "Game of the Week" Pocket Gamer 4/5 Appszoom.com Modojo 5/5 "The simple fact is, Talisman Prologue might be one of the finest examples of getting exactly what you pay for" App Amped "Fully recommend this game to board game fans all... Читать дальше...
Ребусы - головоломки Ребусон
1 ч. назад Языки: En Cz и др. Версия: 1.3 iPhone
Слова зашифрованы картинками? Это же для детей! НЕ ДУМАЙТЕ ЧТО ВСЕ ТАК ПРОСТО. ПОПРОБУЙТЕ РАЗГАДАТЬ ХОТЯ БЫ ОДНУ КАРТИНКУ РЕБУС. Загадки-ребусы интересны в любом возрасте, именно... Читать дальше...
Mighty Bow Of RedHills
2 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.1 iPhone & iPad
"Могучий Лук Redhills" является 3D-игры Стрельба. Смертельный Монстры захватили Redhills. Могучий лучник, защищает деревню с его навыками лук. Это является сложной задачей, и захватывающий... Читать дальше...
Yachats ( a 5 dice game)
2 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.1 iPhone & iPad
The classic 5-dice game in a clean and elegant form. - One or Two player games - Single, clear game view, no scrolling to find your score - Gorgeous 3D rendered dice and animations - 3 dice styles, switch anytime, even during a game - Realistic sound-effects - Shake to roll option - Automatic scorekeeping with at-a-glance ScoreCard - Hall of Fame style... Читать дальше...
2 ч. назад Языки: En Ge и др. Версия: 2.0 iPhone & iPad
BEWARE: This game may consume you! Have you been looking for a game that is faithful to the original Yahtzee dice game? YahtZ cuts out the fluff and gets straight to the game. The interface is specially designed to make play seamless and carefree. YahtZ allows you play with AS MANY FRIENDS as you want! 25 players? No problem! Tired of ads? YahtZ is ad-free!... Читать дальше...
Yatzius Rex
2 ч. назад Языки: En Da Версия: 2.01 iPad
Yatzius Rex brings you the classic dice game Yahtzee in a whole new, exciting and challenging way, by playing several columns at the same time. So, if you know how to play the original game of Yahtzee, Yatzius Rex will come easy to you in a matter of minutes. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by rolling 5 dices. Using the result of up to 3 rolls... Читать дальше...
2 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.1 iPhone & iPad
HELLO, DICE PLAYERS! 333’s is a fast-paced, rapid-rolling dice game that will give you hours of fun! It’s so easy to play that If you can count, you can play 333’s! Roll against the computer, play in a circle of friends, or check out the competition on Game Center - either way, you’ll have a blast playing our dice game. What’s so cool about 333’s? Check... Читать дальше...
More Noodles!
2 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0 iPhone & iPad
It's a noodle shop in your iPhone/iPad! From Maverick Software, creator of the best food apps in the world. Now you can make nearly unlimited combinations of virtual noodle & pasta dishes! Italian, Japanese, Thai, American, or mix things up any way you want. Pick from 26 kinds of noodles - macaroni, spaghetti, udon, ravioli, wagon wheel, and even gluten-free... Читать дальше...
Japan Food Adventure
2 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.1 iPhone
Prepare, cook and serve lots of delectable Japanese dishes and snacks in this exciting and fast-paced time-management game! Travel from Tokyo to other parts of Japan and learn about many interesting food from all over Japan. Start off with a few sushi and soba to sell from your small mini van in Tokyo. After you have accumulated enough profits, you can then take... Читать дальше...
Puppy Puzzles for iPhone & iPad
3 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1 iPhone & iPad
Puppy Puzzles for iPhone & iPad ◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉ ➼ Choose Your Puzzle (many Puzzles Included) ➼Choose difficulty Level: Beginner: 3x3, Intermediate: 4x4, Above Average: 5x5 Expert: 6x6 ➼ Score keeping Tracks How Many Moves it takes you to complete each puzzle and the difficulty level at which it was completed. Bonus: Add... Читать дальше...
Sakura Goldfishing
3 ч. назад Языки: En Ja Версия: 3.2.1 iPhone & iPad
Realistic, graceful goldfish. Gentle ripples across the water's surface. Cherry blossoms signaling spring's mellow onset... Sakura Goldfishing shines with visual beauty unequaled by other apps. Make your choice from a colorful selection of 15 breeds of goldfish and 8 environs, embracing your inner Zen. 2 all new modes tailored to different skill... Читать дальше...
Air Touch Hockey
3 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0 iPhone
This application is the best AIR Hockey game for the iPhone and iPod to date! Compatible with ALL iPhones and iPod including the new iPhone 5! Loaded with amazing graphics and sounds you can play air hockey not just on one plain table but play on 4 different styled themed hockey tables! ALL FOR 99CENTS!... Читать дальше...
Touch Hockey: FS5
3 ч. назад Языки: En Fr и др. Версия: 5.0.0 iPhone
Play against your friends over Bluetooth and WiFi! Touch Hockey outclasses every air hockey game available on the iPhone and iPod touch with the fastest animations possible! One of the only 10 games your iPhone needs. -gizmodo.com “it's a great game, and it's definitely worth downloading, playing, and having on your iPhone.” -What’s On iPhone.com “Touch... Читать дальше...


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