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37 мин. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.1.1 iPhone
Diet choices can be hard. Make them easier with FoodBalance, a new visually compelling app that helps you learn how to start eating healthier. Use FoodBalance to: • learn to eat healthier and stop counting calories; • explore an elegant visual breakdown of your diet; • discover how what you eat is impacting your fat, carbohydrate, cholesterol... Читать дальше...
Relax Melodies Seasons Premium: Music and white noise for sleep, relaxation & yoga
52 мин. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.0 iPhone
★ Over 7,000,000 users now. ★ ★ New App from our Relaxation Suite ★ The ultimate relaxing app for a stressless year no matter the season. Forget the stress, overcome your body tension and free up your mind by falling into a peaceful relaxation that you surely deserve! Relax Melodies Seasons helps you to easily combine ambient sounds and relaxing... Читать дальше...
Calories Hebrew
55 мин. назад Языки: En Версия: 3.0 iPhone & iPad
This app is a calorie diary in Hebrew. It tracks the calorie balance from food consumption, and from expenditure by activities. Читать дальше...
Fast Food Nutrition Points , Calories , Carbs plus Calculator for Weight Loss , Cals , BMI & Carb Control
1 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.30 iPhone & iPad
BEST nutrition eating out app in AppStore since 2011! Join thousands of app users on iPhone as well as users from other platforms (Amazon,Android,Windows) to start losing weight now!Listed as a Top Paid app in Windows 8 Store in Health & Fitness (December 2012/February 2013) If you are in a restaurant or planning to visit one and need nutritional info regarding... Читать дальше...
Wild Edibles
1 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 4.0 iPhone
Don’t be caught in the wild without this little green app. Arm yourself with expert foraging advice! Having this tool on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is like having your own organic edible weed guru with you at all times. In addition to preparing you for a survival situation or apocalypse, this app will help expand your diet by helping you find new and... Читать дальше...
My Boxing Coach
1 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.2 iPhone
My Boxing Coach is your personal trainer during your heavy bag workouts. This app’s coaching features will improve your skills, coordination, strength and endurance. •The Combination Coach will improve your techniques and coordination by calling out random combinations between rounds. Learn how to quickly burn fat by following the Coach’s Tabata... Читать дальше...
Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Pro: Relaxation & Meditation Music
1 ч. назад Языки: En Ch и др. Версия: 1.0 iPhone
★ A LIFE CHANGING ALARM CLOCK! ★ ☆ From the creators of Relax Melodies with over 7 MILLIONS users ☆ Your new companion is here! Alarm Clock Sleep Sound is a progressive wake-up and sleep-aid clock specially designed to give you a sweeter and better sleep experience. With the help of tuned programs enhanced by different stages of aural entrainment and... Читать дальше...
Acne Solution
1 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0 iPhone & iPad
Have Acne problems and want to learn how to get rid of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, or acne? This app is best solution to learning about acne solutions that work for you. The easiest and most comprehensive guide to acne treatment included in this app. Читать дальше...
Squats Coach - Do 200 Squats
1 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.5 iPhone
--- 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! --- Squats will train your muscles in thighs, hips and butt, it is easy to do and makes you have good shape in thighs and hips. If you make your decision to increase your strength, if you want to break your records of squats, if you want to do 200 consecutive squats, follow Squats Coach, this app is to help you achieving the goal. No... Читать дальше...
Watch Me Change Weight Watch Full Version
1 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.201 iPhone & iPad
★ "By far the best motivator to loose weight and gain muscle!” ★ Watch Me Change Weight Loss allows you to create a time-lapse video of your body changing over time! Take a photo everyday or so and the app automatically arranges the photos into a time lapse video showing your body changing ★★★★★ "I snap the photo right after my workout. It’s... Читать дальше...
1 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.1 iPhone
MXFit is designed to be your workout helper and keep you on pace. This is especially useful for circuit training but is easily used for timing lifts or any exercise and rest time. MXFit integrates the music player to provide music during exercises and interrupts the music to tell you the next exercise in a "turn by turn navigation" style... Читать дальше...
1 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0 iPhone
MOLfit’s FUNCTIONAL TRAINING is a unique application of combined functional workout with many features, huge database of exercises + animation, workout programs and it is user-friendly. With this application you will no longer need any additional sources of information for getting lean, strong and most importantly a healthy body and you can find all that... Читать дальше...
2 ч. назад Языки: En Sl и др. Версия: 1.1 iPhone
Stay fit and healthy by keeping an active lifestyle. ActiveBeats helps you to keep track of your activities and stay fun by motivating yourself to keep it going. Unlock fun badges and levels. Get the sense of touring around the world by visiting world famous and breathtaking places. Get to know some trivial facts on your workout and how much it would contribute... Читать дальше...
iKeep track of
2 ч. назад Языки: En Ja Версия: 1.8.0 iPhone
iKeep Track Of… fully-featured yet intuitive way to keep track of your “ ”. Do you have anything you’d like to track of, daily (or just regularly), using an intuitive interface and see it visually at once? 'iKeep track of' is one simple solution. 'iKeep track of' helps you to effectively keep track of the state of your health. Not only that, it also allows... Читать дальше...
iExercise Journal
2 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.4.0 iPhone & iPad
iExercise Journal is the Perfect companion for your Gym. An easy to use app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to help you track your daily fitness activities e.g exercises and workouts and calories burned. It monitors progress and keep track of your daily physical activities (exercises and gym workouts). This app helps you take control of your workout routines... Читать дальше...
2 ч. назад Языки: En Tu и др. Версия: 1.37 iPhone
iDukan – лучшее приложение для учета и контроля диеты Дюкана, что подтверждают 30 000 загрузок в 16 странах. Приложение обладает массой функций, стимулирующих к соблюдению диеты, в том числе... Читать дальше...
Daily Value
3 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.9.2 iPhone
Daily Value creates a Personal Food Label based on your recorded dietary intake and allows you to explore and track your eating history by day, meal, or nutrient. You can quickly and easily view food information on over 45 unique nutrients found in nearly 10,000 foods supplied by the USDA and popular restaurants. In addition, you can add your own foods and track... Читать дальше...
Reiseapotheke HD
3 ч. назад Языки: En Ge Версия: 1.0.1 iPad
Einführungspreis -50% 

Reiseapotheke von Dr. Müller gibt einen schnell navigierbaren und übersichtlich aufgebauten Überblick über Symptome [Allergie, Fieber, Augenentzündung, Durchfall, Halsschmerzen, Reisekrankheit, Desinfektion etc.] und Medikamente inkl. Wirkstoffe, Handelsnamen sowie Dosierung. Die Symptome / Indikationen... Читать дальше...
Reiseapotheke Pro
3 ч. назад Языки: En Ge Версия: 1.0.1 iPhone
Einführungspreis -50% 

 Reiseapotheke von Dr. Müller gibt einen schnell navigierbaren und übersichtlich aufgebauten Überblick über Symptome [Allergie, Fieber, Augenentzündung, Durchfall, Halsschmerzen, Reisekrankheit, Desinfektion etc.] und Medikamente inkl. Wirkstoffe, Handelsnamen sowie Dosierung. Die Symptome / Indikationen... Читать дальше...
compteur de calories : gestion de votre poids et régime
4 ч. назад Языки: En Fr Версия: 1.4 iPhone
compteur de calories au jour le jour! Vous suivez un régime ? Vous devez suivre vos consommation calorique? compteur de calorie est fait pour vous! Suivi calorique: ajoutez d'un click ce que vous consommez et les activités pratiqué comme fitness,jogging Calorie Tracker calculera vos depense caloriques journalieres et les affichera sur un graphique. Suivi... Читать дальше...
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