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1 ч. назад Языки: En Ge Версия: 1.2 iPhone & iPad
I Change My City app allows people in the Bangalore city to take action against the civic issues prevalent in their neighbourhood and in the city. Using the app a citizen can take a picture of any civic issue, describe the issue and post it onto the ichangemycity website. This brings the issue into the notice of the elected representatives and civic agencies for... Читать больше
2 ч. назад Языки: En Ru Версия: 1.2 iPhone & iPad
★★★★★ ФУНКЦИОНАЛ - Загрузка фото из альбома в приложение MagiCover; - Возможность менять фотографию профиля стильным фрагментом обложки; - Применение рамки и внутренней тени для... Читать больше
4 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.2 iPhone & iPad
PowerSearch for Facebook lets search posts, users, pages, events, groups, places and check-ins for anything you are interested in. Search for posts on the Flu, concert events for Rush or Justin Bieber, users with last name Markel as well as posts by your favorite author. You decide. Messages including links, phone numbers, addresses and calendar events/dates... Читать больше
5 ч. назад Языки: Ch Ru Версия: 1.0 iPhone & iPad
《简·爱》是一部自传成分很浓的小说,虽然书中的故事是虚构的,但是女主人公以及其他许多人物的生活、环境,甚至许多生活细节,都是取自作者及其周围人的真实经验。作者夏洛蒂·勃朗特年生于英国北部的一个牧师家庭。母亲早逝,八岁的夏洛蒂被送进一所寄宿学校。在那里生活条件极其恶劣,她的两个姐姐因染上肺病而先后死去。于是夏洛蒂和妹妹艾米利回到家乡,在荒凉的约克郡山区度过了童年。 ... Читать больше
5 ч. назад Языки: En Sl и др. Версия: 2.0.30 iPhone & iPad
Приложение MyHeritage для iPhone и iPad - обменивайтесь новостями и семейными событиями, изучайте историю Вашей семьи, редактируйте Ваше древо и оставайтесь на связи с близкими Вам людьми всегда... Читать больше
8 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 11.0 iPhone & iPad
ON SALE! Use RINGTONES EURO to create Text-to-Speech ringtones in several EUROPEAN VOICES! Select English (UK), French, German, Italian, Spanish & Russian languages, many with both MALE & FEMALE voices! Create 100% unique Talking Caller ID ringtones for every contact! You type, it talks! PLUS combine Intro Sound FX! Type several lines of text to create any... Читать больше
14 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.0 iPhone & iPad
2 million users love Pictures with Words! It's a free, fun, and simple way to make and share gorgeous Pictures with Words on your iPhone or iPad. Pick from several gorgeous fonts and colors. Or pick from the amazing selection of emoticons and emoji. Add even picture-in-pictures or create photo collage and mix multiple photos together. Use the camera features... Читать больше
21 ч. назад Языки: En Ge Версия: 1.32 iPhone & iPad
★★★★★ Create Personalized Facebook Cover Photos in minutes without using Photoshop! See what others are saying about this app: “It is SO simple to do you are going to find yourself changing YOUR Facebook Cover Photo all the time!” -appsforiPads.net "Make your Timeline truly pop with creativity… No graphic design degree needed. For... Читать больше
21 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 8.0 iPhone & iPad
With Facebook Desktop Version you can simply and conveniently browse Facebook desktop version right on their mobile device. Facebook is getting more popular every day and most people do log in with their mobile device. Some don't like the mobile view so they prefer to view Facebook desktop version on mobile phone. So if you’re using a mobile phone and wish... Читать больше
22 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0 iPhone & iPad
Spanish TEXT-TO-SPEECH Talking Soundboard for kids with Autism or any user who is non-verbal! Elegant, customizable interface. Use 100's of prerecorded buttons to speak your desired words/phrases. You can also type messages and have them spoken! Select Male or Female high quality TEXT-TO-SPEECH Spanish voices, using the Internet, or built-in voices... Читать больше
22 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0.2 iPad
Prose is a blog editor designed for the iPad. With a simple and intuitive editor, you will be up and blogging in no time. Prose currently supports WordPress (including WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress websites), and Blogger. Powerful post editing • Format your posts with all the features of a word processor • Easily add images from your iPad... Читать больше
22 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0 iPhone & iPad
Want to send a message to your friends in secret? This is the perfect app for you: type as much as you like and it will translate your text into a series of pictures that look utterly random. Only people who also have this app installed will be able to decrypt your text, and the decrypted text isn't stored so you can be guaranteed that it's safe. Features: - Sends... Читать больше
22 ч. назад Языки: En Du Версия: 1.0.2 iPhone & iPad
SipGo is your application for all SIP calls. Our Voip Softphone works with any popular VoIP provider. The SipGo SIP Dialer is easy to use and can be set up in just a few seconds. SipGo offers perfect security and allows you to make crystal clear voice calls over any 3G or WiFi internet connection. Save on your calling charges by integrating the use of the SipGo SIP... Читать больше
22 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.5 iPhone & iPad
SPECIAL PROMOTION PRICE $0.99 >>>>> FREE GET IT NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES BACK UP!!! Keep your messages private with REAL military-grade encryption! Fully compatible with iOS6 & iPhone 5! Simply secure all your SMS, email and other text messages with your iPhone,iPad or iPod. Don't be fooled by other apps which use a very poor encryption standard... Читать больше
22 ч. назад Языки: En Ge и др. Версия: 1.0 iPhone & iPad
Krave is a location-based app for gay, bi and curious guys to meet and interact. Krave is great place to get to know guys to date, search for a relationship, friendships, socializing and networking. Install Krave today on your iPhone or iPad to find guys near you. Krave can be used in either English or Spanish and is easy to navigate. Krave provides you the ability... Читать больше
22 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.0.1 iPad
CoverMyFace is an easy way to create unique Facebook timeline cover for your profile , there is a fantastic gallery in app . CoverMyFace has great features such as : ➤ Facebook Timeline simulator ➤ Capture and share covers in Photo Library , Email , Twitter , Facebook ➤ Import your pictures from Photo Library and take pictures from Camera ➤ Insert... Читать больше
23 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.1 iPad
PhotoLife - Facebook Albums shows your social photos like never before. Enjoy your Facebook pictures with 5 different slideshows and add your own music to the show! Enjoy all your photos sorted by date and even all those you've been tagged Explore your friend's albums and tagged photos with a single tap... Читать больше
1 дн. назад Языки: En Ch и др. Версия: 2.8.0 iPad
★第七届(2011年)中国移动互联网应用新锐TOP30 ★2011-2012中国移动应用评选“最佳社交应用奖” ★遇见连续7个月稳坐多个国家和地区免费社交分类TOP10 ★遇见是成长最快、用户活跃度最高的交友应用,注册用户突破720万 ★2012中国移动应用创新奖评选“优秀奖” ★2012全球移动世界91金掌奖... Читать больше
1 дн. назад Языки: En Ge Версия: 2.1 iPhone & iPad
Check the weather, AND internet communications with every country in the world. Rotate the globe, zoom in, out, tap to see maps, see the real time cloud cover on our living planet, watch the day/night time line move. Now with super accurate WEATHER DATA for all the world capital cities and ad-hoc queries as an in-app purchase. See if you can reach out and tap every... Читать больше
【精】为人处事 大智慧-菜根谭-6卷
1 дн. назад Языки: En Ch и др. Версия: v2.0 iPhone & iPad
《菜根谭》是明代还初道人洪应明收集编著的一部论述修养、人生、处世、出世的语录世集。具有三教真理的结晶, 和万古不易的教人传世之道, 为旷古稀世的奇珍宝训。对于人的正心修身, 养性育德, 有不可思议的潜移默化的力量。其文字简炼明隽... Читать больше


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