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Рейтинг 3+
11 ч. назад Языки: En It и др. Версия: 2.1 iPhone & iPad
Сыграйте в эту игру!! Таблицы Шульте позволяют повысить внимательность и увеличить скорость чтения! Возможности: - таблицы Шульте 5х5, 6x6, 7x7 - секундомер для измерения времени - настройки:... Читать дальше...
15 ч. назад Языки: En Ch и др. Версия: 6.10 iPhone & iPad
Document reader for viewing document files in iSilo, Palm Doc, and plain text format. Bonus: Get the complete edition of the CIA World Factbook 2010 for free, with layout optimized for viewing on your iPhone or iPod touch using iSilo. In addition to full information for all the countries of the world, the complete edition contains appendixes, reference maps... Читать дальше...
20 ч. назад Языки: En Sw и др. Версия: 2.0.0 iPhone & iPad
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ON SALE FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY! GRAB NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ AirDisk Pro allows you to store, view and manage files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can connect to AirDisk Pro from any Mac or... Читать дальше...
22 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.19 iPhone & iPad
Weave is a beautiful, easy-to-use and free app that helps you feel organized and in control of your life! Keep track of what's going on with your business, your hobbies and everything in between - all focused on the projects that are important to you. Here are a few ways you can use Weave for your personal and professional life: • Plan a trip: invite your traveling... Читать дальше...
MindMeister (mind mapping)
23 ч. назад Языки: En Ge Версия: 5.1.1 iPhone & iPad
NOTE: requires a free account registration *** MindMeister is the companion app of the #1 collaborative mind mapping site MindMeister.com *** MindMeister lets you create, edit and share your mind maps on the go and synchronize them with the award-winning free online MindMeister service. "[...] the syncing, sharing, rapid-entry features of MindMeister... Читать дальше...
23 ч. назад Языки: En Версия: 4.0.1 iPhone & iPad
CloudOn brings Microsoft Office® to your iPhone & iPad and links it to your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive accounts. If that isn’t enough, the built-in Adobe Reader and File Viewer lets you open and view virtually any file type, including PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. And, because we know your work isn’t always just for you, you can easily email files... Читать дальше...
1 дн. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.0.1 iPhone & iPad
iWriter is simple and elegant text editor - the best app for you to write an article, to compose a poem and to take a note. ✭ 2 apps in 1 - for iPad and iPhone  ✭ ✭ iCloud and Dropbox ✭ FEATURES: 1. Minimalist distraction-free interface. 2. iCloud and Dropbox support. 3. Auto-fullscreen mode. 4. Customizable fonts. 5. Light & Night themes. 6... Читать дальше...
1 дн. назад Языки: En Версия: 4.4 iPhone & iPad
😃🎤😃🎤Speak and the Talking Emoji will listen and talk back to you😃🎤😃🎤 Create your own funny Talking Emoji videos and share with friends. Also watch our help video to enable 841+ Emoji icons directly on your keyboard 😄🐶🐸🐻🐷🐼🙉😺💩 Try it out for free! ***IMPORTANT*** If the Talking Emojis lock up after... Читать дальше...
Catch Notes
1 дн. назад Языки: En Ge и др. Версия: 5.2.3 iPhone & iPad
Simple Mobile Collaboration Capture and share your ideas with Catch! Jot down text, snap a photo, or record voice notes on the go, then sync them across all your devices with a Catch.com account. Organize your notes into Spaces and share those Spaces with your friends and colleagues. ➢ Featured by Apple as “New and Noteworthy”, an “Amazing App for... Читать дальше...
Foxit Mobile PDF
1 дн. назад Языки: En Ch и др. Версия: 2.6 iPhone & iPad
Foxit Mobile PDF releases the capabilities of viewing and annotates PDF documents on the go. Now, with the Foxit Mobile PDF, you can work on your PDF documents anytime, anywhere. Indeed, this is the app for you to start a comfortable reading trip. This product features viewing features including § Fast and clear PDF rendering § Flexible page viewing options... Читать дальше...
Polkast -ALL your photos, videos & files
1 дн. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.8.14 iPhone & iPad
Now you can get everything on your computer -- ALL of your photos, videos, music and documents -- on your mobile. Instantly your entire photo and video library is at your fingertips. Edit your photos, save back to your computer automatically, or share on Facebook. Stream videos directly over Wi-Fi, and fetch a 1GB file in minutes. Supports retina display and... Читать дальше...
Voice Reader Text to Speech
1 дн. назад Языки: En Sw и др. Версия: 2.5.0 iPhone & iPad
Удобное прослушивание вместо тяжелого чтения! Voice Reader предлагает профессиональное голосовое сопровождение на 21 языке, 32 голосах и намного больше. Просто скопируйте текст с электронных... Читать дальше...
2 дн. назад Языки: En Версия: 3.5.3 iPhone & iPad
Calendars+ is the most elegant and easy to use calendar application available on the App Store. It works perfectly with Google Calendar and built-in iOS Calendar Calendars+ lets you manage events both online and offline. Thanks to the unique interface you can move events simply with Drag & Drop, navigate quickly between dates, change event time, repeat schedule... Читать дальше...
2 дн. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.0.0 iPhone & iPad
2 дн. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.0 iPhone & iPad
** Trello. Organize anything, together. ** Whether you're managing a team of freelancers, tracking million-dollar sales leads, writing an epic screenplay, or just making a list of stuff to get done, Trello makes sure you're organized and on top of it all. Like a whiteboard with super powers, Trello is simple to use and infinitely flexible. You'll know exactly... Читать дальше...
3 дн. назад Языки: En Версия: 2.29 iPhone & iPad
All your mail in a fast, sleek and easy-to-use application for your iPhone and iPad. mail.com provides its users with a customized selection of unique domains to pair with their desired address at no cost. Its fresh features and convenience combined with leading security features make mail.com one of the most innovative webmail solutions. The brand new mail.com... Читать дальше...
Astrid - ваш идеальный список дел
3 дн. назад Языки: En Ch и др. Версия: 2.1.9 iPhone & iPad
По свидетельствам миллионов пользователей, Astrid – это больше, чем просто идеальный список дел. Это ваш персональный ассистент, о котором вы всегда мечтали. Люди пользуются списками... Читать дальше...
3 дн. назад Языки: En Версия: 1.5 iPhone & iPad
Paint can be applied as a solid, a gaseous suspension (aerosol) or a liquid. Techniques vary depending on the practical or artistic results desired. Читать дальше...
4 дн. назад Языки: En Ch и др. Версия: 2.3.2 iPhone & iPad
MindNode is a powerful and intuitive mindmapping application. Its focus and flexibility make it the perfect tool for brainstorming and organizing your life—and iCloud & Dropbox support means you always have your mindmaps with you. MindNode lets you lay out your notes and tasks visually so you can get a bird's-eye view of your project. The clutter-free... Читать дальше...
abc Notes - Checklist & Sticky Note Application
4 дн. назад Языки: En Sl и др. Версия: 5.16.2779 iPhone & iPad
✭✭✭ РАСПРОДАЖА! Не упустите момент! ✭✭✭ ✭ Синхронизация заметок через iCloud (требуется iOS 5). ✭ ✭ До 15 рабочих столов теперь и для iPhone! ✭ ✭ Стикеры любой формы (меняйте размер по вертикали... Читать дальше...
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